Our mission is to beat the red tape and save you money.

NulliTax is a technology company born out of the frustration involved in appealing property tax assessments. Property owners often pay higher taxes than they should because the process is broken.

Property Tax Appeals

To determine your taxes, local governments have to estimate the value of your property - and they often get it wrong. An appeals process is available so that property owners can fix these mistakes but it can require extensive documentation and a real estate expert or lawyer. That's where we come in.

NulliTax works to make sure your property taxes are fair. We file appeals on behalf of property owners so they don't have to go through the frustration of doing it themselves.

We offer:

  • Fast, easy, one-time signup without a credit card.
  • Appeals powered by constantly updating extensive databases and carefully designed algorithms
  • No charge unless our appeal succeeds

Service Areas

Currently, NulliTax files property tax appeals in Cook County, Illinois.


Our fee structure is simple: we charge 25% of the first year's estimated tax savings ONLY if our appeal is successful. This makes our service risk-free: you only pay if the County lowers your property's assessed value.



Contact Information

You may send us postal mail to this address:

2522 W Lawrence Ave #25288
Chicago, IL 60625