Cook County Assessor: our new property values for Bremen Township are unfair

map of the year over year property assessment changes in bremen township in cook county illinois.
Fri, Oct 16, 2020
  • New property values released by the Cook County Assessor do not meet their own fairness standards.
  • Property owners have until October 22, 2020 to appeal these changes


The Assessor calculates statistical benchmarks to determine if its valuations are fair. These benchmarks fall under two types:

  • “Horizontal equity” means that similar properties have similar assessed values
  • “Vertical equity” means that low-value and high-value properties are similarly assessed

The Assessor reported that it failed to meet both standards. However, it says that the situation is improving:

Although assessment variability (uniformity) in Bremen has improved this year compared to prior years, we have not yet achieved the IAAO standard for high-quality assessments in Bremen. This is likely due to the wide variety of homes throughout Bremen’s neighborhoods, and to data quality…. Because our models struggle to distinguish between properties, Coefficient of Dispersion (variability) was higher than the IAAO’s standard, yet we have improved in this area.

Residential Properties

The Assessor is reassessing every property in Cook County as part of its response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Bremen Township includes large parts of Robbins, Midlothian, Markham, Oak Forest, Country Club Hills, and Hazelcrest villages.

The following is a summary of the reassessment changes for residential properties in Bremen according to the Assessor:

Property Type Median Assessed Value
Condos $139,330
Single Family Homes $80,580
2-6 Unit Apartments $303,275

Quite a few properties saw increases of more than 50% as shown in this histogram:

histogram graph of the year over year property assessment changes in bremen township in cook county illinois. it is a bell shaped curve with a long right tail indicating that assessed values were sharply increased for some properties

Bremen Township 2020 Appeals

The Assessor mailed reassessment notices to Bremen Township property owners on September 16, 2020 and property owners have until October 22, 2020 to appeal.

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